Nothing to Wear, No Where To Go

        Luke 8:26-39


I Surrender Some It is Fairly Well with My Soul Oh!How I like Jesus He’s a Little Bit to Me I Love to Let Someone Else Tell the Story Take My Life and Let Me Be Where He Leads, I’ll Consider Following Just as I Pretend to Be Onward Christian Reserves When the Saints Go…

The Church of Christ at Corinth Part 5

        I Corinthians          

The Salvation of Your Soul

        1 Peter 1:9-12

A Tribute to Bill Martin

In the mid 1950’s, Bill Martin and wife of 3 years, Jean, came to Central Church of Christ with newborn daughter, Pamela, in search of a new church home. Jean’s sister, Dora Mangrum, was a member of Central and encouraged them to come to worship at Central. They enjoyed the fellowship at Central and the…

Reasons People Give to NOT become a Christian

Are you a Christian? If not, why not? Here are the top 10 reasons why some people delay in becoming a Christian. Does your reason match with any of them? “A lot of Christians are hypocrites.” This is a true statement. Many Christians are hypocrites. This should not be too surprising, because there are bad…

The Church of Christ at Corinth Part 4

          I Corinthians 3

My Weakness is Too Strong

        II Timothy 4:17

Sunday Night Singing 8.27.2017

A Sense of Belonging

          Acts 27:23